Saturday, June 2, 2012

missing him

i haven't had a melt down in a really long time. of course i miss Cameron all the time but not to the point of breaking down. something about that song mixed with the happiness of love and marriage hit me and yep, i lost it. i knew it was coming, just wasn't ready for it to be at that moment today.

having a missionary boyfriend out isn't easy. saying goodbye to each other was probably the hardest thing we have ever had to do. i had someone tell me today that he "left" me here alone and basically judged him for doing that, note this person is not a member and doesn't know the true purpose for a mission, but it really made me upset. my reaction? i support him 110% and would not have it any other way, and i mean that.

when you find the person you are meant to spend eternity with, you just know and nothing will get in your way of being with them. yes, two years is a long time and it's very hard, but i know that in the end it will all be worth it. that moment in the airport when i see his face for the first time and am in his arms, it is a moment i dream about. and when i finally get to be sealed to him for all eternity, that is when everything that we are going through will be all worth it.

i miss him, but i love him enough to wait. he is mine and i am his.

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Beka said...

i am so happy that you have a love like that and that you two are willing to wait and work to keep it real. you are great and i hope you have a good week :)