Friday, June 1, 2012


never did i think that i would be in this position.

not the one where my future husband is on a mission, asking me to plan a wedding while he was gone... for some reason i knew it would end up that way.

but in the position where the family is actually planning with me. i always imagined it going like this: i would be planning the wedding by myself and not letting anyone know because they all think im crazy anyways and then just being like "oh, i already have everything done" when i actually get engaged for real, ya know with a ring and proposal. but to be completely honest with you, the past two days have been nothing but wedding talk with me, my mom and my future mother in law and so far... its great! honestly never thought this day would come.

but hey, im not complaining one bit :) it's nice to finally feel like people know what is coming and trust me and cam! and to those who still think i am crazy... it's okay. i think so too :)

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Batash said...

Hey I'm called crazy all.the.time. You're lucky you weren't the girl married at 18.That's when people REALLY think you're crazy. But seriously who cares what other people think? It's your life! Do what you think is best for you!:) I'm excited for you guys!!