Friday, June 1, 2012

my life

so... it's been a while haha. it seems like i have fallen off the face of the earth but, no, i am definitely here. here is a little bit of what i have been up to...

running. sometimes haha. lately i have been slacking but after this morning's 5 mile run i am feeling good! we will see if i say that after tomorrow's scheduled 8 mile run. my race is in 3 weeks and as of this moment i am not ready but i do still have 3 weeks and i will be ready!

for memorial day weekend i took a little trip down to st. george with the family and best friend. i can honestly say it was one of the best vacations since cam left. we headed down saturday afternoon, picked up some food and spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub on our balcony. the condos we stayed in were so nice! Sunday we went to church, which was actually really really good, then headed up to Zion National Park! it was beautiful. we hiked the Emerald Pools and the river walk, then back home to some extremely yummy hamburgers! Monday we spend the whole morning laying out by the pool, watching myself get whiter in the sun... seriously though, only my skin would do that! then we packed up and drove home. a HUGE thanks to Misty and Scott for inviting us! it was just a fun and relaxing trip that was well needed!

i failed to tell you all about the ring i got cameron. on sunday it was our 2 year dating anniversary, we are cheesy and make a big deal out of those things. i bought him which is really a wedding ring, but i turned it into his mission/promise ring. it turned out perfectly!! The outside had Texas, McAllen Mission engraved on it and the inside was a little more personal haha :) but i was so nervous that it wouldn't fit him, i had to totally guess on his size. on tuesday when he emailed me he said it fit perfectly and he loves it! oh i was so happy. i had been worried about it so much! he told me i was in trouble haha but i owed him a promise ring, he gave me mine and he needed his :)

work is starting to get crazy. i am working on getting up 3 huge groups at the same time and the next two to three months are just going to be nuts! but it is good though, except fridays, they are always slow! therefore, i blog :)

today is officially the first day of June which means only 5 more months till i see the love of my life! it is coming so fast and i can't believe it! plans are in the making! haha but really though...

life is great! i have no complaints because it is perfect! The Lord has been there with me everyday answering  my prayers and making me so happy! Heavenly Father sure does love us and is always making sure we are happy and i am truly happy :)

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Batash said...

I have been reading your blog since before Cameron left, so I've been reading since the start of his whole mission. I'm so glad that you only have to wait 5 more months! I'm getting anxious for you two to get married already! haha.