Thursday, May 17, 2012

happy thoughts

so much has happened in the past week so if long readings aren't your fancy, you should probably stop here. if not, please keep reading.

friday i heard my sweet cam's voice! he called to let us know when he would be calling on sunday. he is too funny and definitely the same cam. he first called us on his bike and he couldn't hear us because of all the wind. he "thought it would be cool to talk to us on his bike." such a boy, but i love him :) He even farted in the phone... he is going to fit right in with my family! after talking to him i went with his family to the store where me and cody kept racing our carts through walmart and bashing them into each other. it was pretty funny and we made sure to send the videos to cam.

saturday i went running with misty, kellie, scott and sterling. i didnt' die! i actually did pretty good which i am super proud of! i then got ready for a bridal shower for kenzie and finally got to meet brandon. he for sure knew me which is weird but i think he approved. i went with noelle and grandma jolley....oh grandma jolly. haha that's all i can say. then i planted my mom's garden and it turned out so pretty! me and kaylie even did a tour for cam... i will post that later. it's pretty bad haha. we went and saw the Avengers... holy moly that is a freaking good movie!!! woah! I could watch that over and over. Thor is just beautiful. am i not right? mmmmmmm! :) cam is going to love that movie when he gets home!

sunday. mother's day. :) i curled my hair and went to church with my family. then got everything ready for the family to come over but i had to get over to noelle's for cam's phone call!

if you tend to get nauseous from mushy gushy lovey dovey stuff, you should probably skip this section.

i love the sound of cam's voice. everything about it makes me happy :) we talked to him on speaker phone for almost an hour. that was wonderful! there were so many people there and two of his best friends were there and it was so cute listening to them! i would talk here and there. he then said "sky, are you still just turning into a toothpick?" haha i told him no :) everyone put in their little comments about it and then he started saying something but then stopped and said i would get mad at him if he said it. everything he said just made me smile. I couldn't help it! I am in love with that man! Then it was finally time to talk to him individually. Cody went first and then me :) i got on the phone and was like, "HI!" hahaha he just giggled and I asked him how he was and he said, "I'm good now! Im talking to you, you're so cute" I asked him what he was going to say and he was going to say that i was getting too skinny for him. that is not true and i let him know how amazing he is looking. we talked about him seeing maggie and her calling me. we started talking about how fast time has just flown and how proud we were of each other. he was just being too dosh dane cute! I couldn't handle it! he talked to me about how close we are and how satan is going to work on us the hardest these last few months because he knows what the plans are after he gets home. his giggle is seriously my favorite thing in the world and i said to him, "i kill you" hahaha and he about died it was so cute! He hasn't heard me say that in a long time. i just loved how even though we were saying goodbye we were laughing and just happy! we told each other how happy we were and how good we are both doing. i am in love. we said goodbye and i had to leave. i am going to marry that man. he is my life and my best friend!

today at lunch, the song "just the way you are" came on and noelle said that the song made her sad and i wanted her to tell me why but she would get teary eyed while trying to explain. finally i made her spit it out and she said "I know how much that song meant to cam and I know how hard it was for him to leave you here." Yep... I was done. I love him.

anyways, my talk with him was the best ever. we honestly have the best relationship in the world and i don't doubt it one bit. i am marrying him no matter what.

mother's day was so wonderful after that with all the family. I am so blessed!

Cam's email was just amazing as well. he says the cutest things and i am just too happy for words.

life is wonderful! i honestly just feel so blessed to have the family, friends and things that i have. now i just have to quit eating everything in the world and i will be good :)

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