Saturday, June 2, 2012

almost my time

today was definitely a roller coaster. great times and rough times.

first a huge thanks to my wonderful sisters and brother in law who helped me get through this morning's 8 mile run. i really thought i was going to die but they were all cheering me on and keeping me going. i sure love them, even though misty makes us run uphill the whole way... not an exaggeration.
then shopping with my mom, she is just the greatest. followed by buying some new running shoes :)
by then i am completely exhausted and just want to take a nap which didn't really happen because i got into this argument with someone through text about me and cameron so that made me a bit upset, but i just brushed it off.
i got ready and went to Brandon and Kenzie's wedding luncheon. they have got to be the cutest couple in the world. it started out so great and then i had a mini meltdown... okay i may have been bawling but the lights were off and only Noelle could tell so we're good!
after i just relaxed at home and read my wonderful letter from my Cam until the reception started and then helped through all of that. everything turned out perfectly and i was so happy for them! only one more really tiny meltdown but it was all just wonderful.
now i am just so tired and im going to snuggle up with my camo bear and go to sleep. that was enough for one day.

my day will come, and when it does... it will be perfect! only five more months! I can do this! and i apologize for all the cheesy mushy gushy posts today. forgive me, im in love.

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