Thursday, May 10, 2012

days of wonderful

Yesterday I got a surprise call from Maggie, my cute friend in Edinburg, Texas saying that she had just talked to Cam! She was going to see him as we spoke, he is staying in Edinburg for a few days. Lucky duck! She is such a sweetheart though and sends me pictures and videos of my cute boy. Look at him! He is so freaking skinny and looking just wonderful :) I may have been just giddy and happy in every way possible last night. I am in love :)

We have come so far in so many ways individually as well as a couple. He is my example and he tells me I am his. I am so proud of us and we still have 6 more months to get ourselves to exactly where we want to be. 
This bottom picture is of me two years ago vs. me today. I always saw a major change in Cam, but had never realized the change that I was making as well. These past few months have been rough trying to stay motivated to reach my goals and not going back on everything I had already accomplished. These pictures are my definite motivation to keep going.

I guess you could say I am a pretty happy girl right now :)


Kiley said...

aww Sky you look so great!!! I am so proud of you and oh my goodness six more months! You've so got this!!!

Batash said...

You both look amazing!!!