Friday, May 11, 2012

simply happy

i am happy.

that's really it. pure happiness. it is WONDERFUL. why am i so happy?

im in love :)

i am in love with the man of my dreams who is coming home to me in less than 6 months. that makes me happy to think about every single day. plus i get to hear his voice tonight and talk to him! it seriously just takes all of me to control myself from running around singing and dancing! i am really turning into this giddy little girl! but i just can't help it :)

i am in love with life. my life. and my future. things are just looking up right now and i couldn't be happier with it! :) i have been blessed!

i just love everything!

hahahaa LOVE ALL THE THINGS! :) (if you are a pinterest user, you probably understand)

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