Tuesday, October 25, 2011

let me try to explain.

love is something that is hard to explain. especially when you are my age; trying to explain being undeniably in love to all around you can be extremely challenging. i am in love, and i will not deny that. its a fact that will stay with me forever, and there is nothing i love more than a good love story, my own included. it is the "telling" part that i despise most. why? because of the looks, reactions and remarks i get from it.
i realize i am young.
i realize that he is gone for two full years.
i realize that many don't chose the love story i have chosen.

but the thing many don't realize is this:
i know what love is.
i know there is struggle involved in a relationship. not all is a wonderful walk on the beach.
i am willing to wait for him because he is more than worth it. if he wasn't, i wouldn't. simple as that.
and i know how to follow my heart and the spirit.

i wouldn't have my life any other way, wish it to be anything but this, because then i would have never met the love of my life, and i wouldn't be as happy as i am right now. i know i am young, but love is something i don't take lightly or as a fairytale,
it is real.
and it is mine.

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