Monday, October 24, 2011

blogging equals calming

right now i am fuming, and it is taking all of my effort and everything i have to not blow up and make a scene. therefore i am blogging. it calms me, most of the time. so now i will just make a list of extremely vague reason on why i am about to spit fire out of my mouth and steam out of my ears. note: the "you" noun i use does not pertain to just one person.

  1. i can't trust you.
  2. i love you and can't tell you about whats going on.
  3. if i tell you the truth it could jeopardize everything.
  4. i know i am in the wrong.
  5. birthday presents are supposed to be a surprise.
  6. i am avoiding you at all costs and can't even tell you, therefore you stick around.
  7. i fear he is going to get hurt.
  8. no body can be truly blunt with one another anymore.
  9. i need to be moved so i can't hear you.
  10. grow up and be a man.
  11. i still don't forgive you.
  12. i haven't even told you what i need to forgive you for.
i need a good workout after work. and a salad sounds great! thank goodness tonight is full of family time. and if you are truly dying to know about any of these, text me and we'll see what we can do.

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Kiley said...

yes...i shall be texting you in the morn'