Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

If you can't handle themushygushy, keep scrolling past this post.
Happy 20th Birthday to my Sweetheart! Doesn't he look amazing? This man has been with me through everything imaginable. He is the sweetest man you will ever meet and has the heart of a giant. He is the tall, dark and handsome type, really though... he is part mexican and part indian. My favorite features of his are his eyes that are the most beautiful hazel color and... his calves. They are strong and muscley (haha don't laugh). He always knows what my mood is, whether I hide it or not, distance or together. He knows me, more than I know myself sometimes. He is very selfless and is always serving others. He is family oriented and will do anything for his family and mine. He is on a mission and is the absolute best there is (I am allowed to be biased). Even though we are a thousand miles away he still has a way of making me smile, giving me butterflies, making my day and making me the happiest woman alive. He always keeps his promises and sticks to his goals. His smile makes me melt. I love this man. He loves me. And the best part is... he is mine!

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