Sunday, June 10, 2012

pretty sunday mornings

please excuse me while i write down a few of my thoughts...

as much as i have loved cameron being on his mission and the blessings that have come from his service, it really just sucks sometimes. today i start the count down to four months until he gets home and although that seems so close, i'm about done with this whole distance thing. the thoughts of seeing him at the airport almost literally kill me. i want it to be now. i want him home, in my arms. happy and in love. but i must wait and we still are happy and in love.

it doesn't help either that all of our friends are getting married and engaged daily. not an exaggeration. i see all of their pictures and how happy they are and again... i want him to be home. i am already tired of just planning ours, i want to start doing things, but it is too soon and that is another thing i must wait for. waiting is such a weird phase, and according to my patriarchal blessing, patience is a virtue i have... guess i should use it.

me and cam talk a lot about how hard satan is working on us. and it is noticeable. this week especially i just wanted to run away and hide from him! but the Lord is always there helping us and getting us through. we will do great things and we are way too strong for satan to break us. plus with a man like cam to lean on, i shouldn't have any fear.

i didn't get his letter this week, which is actually humbling. as much as i needed it, the lord knows what he is doing and it will come at the right time.

my race is in two weeks, which is crazy to think about but i am actually pretty excited! yesterday's run was pretty good and i feel like I am accomplishing so much.

life is good. and patience is a virtue.

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