Tuesday, June 19, 2012

lovely ortho visits

the feeling of tight teeth with the added pleasure of soreness is not the only reason i am in love with going to my ortho appointments. its appointments like today, 45 minute appointments to be exact, that make me all happy inside and smiling from ear to ear.

45 minutes = 10 minutes of working on my teeth and 35 minutes of talking about me and Cameron and the future with my cute assistants :)

the two girls who work on my teeth have got to be the cutest things. we could definitely all be best friends. the moment they found out i was waiting for a missionary they HAD to know everything! they are the "awwwww cute!!!" laughy, bubbly, silly all over love...kind. see, told you we could be best friends! of course i tell them stories and about how we met and how in love we are. they love when i show them pictures as well, and i have plenty to show! they all tell me they are going to just show up at the airport and hide just to watch me and him see each other again. and i promised them an invite to the wedding! funny thing is... my dentists totally know who cam is! it was a good visit today :)

im in love :)

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