Monday, June 18, 2012


it is now 146 days until my sweetheart comes home to me and i may or may not be freaking out already!

but it is 5 days until my race and i am definitely freaking out! not in the way I thought i would be though. i couldn't be more excited to go out and run! i have missed it while i was sick and tomorrow i get to go run again! on saturday i will accomplish one of my biggest goals ever. :) it's already a pretty good feeling, just to know how far i've come.

today has been a really good day so far. letters, emails, ab workout, compliments that were needed, work going by fast and pretty smoothly, not being sick anymore, beautiful day, moving desks... and it is still only 4:30 :) yay for a great day.

we will just ignore shiface.... too fake to even worry about anyways.

have a lovely night ladies and gents!

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