Thursday, April 26, 2012


today i am going to have a better day and be happy. i apologize to all those i was a brat to yesterday, i guess the "chocolate craving time" took over control. I had some pretty fun conversations with my two mom's though because of it, they always make me smile and laugh. but today i will start my day off right and good. and it already has been a pretty good morning although i have only been up for 15 minutes. remember everything i ate yesterday? yes, the whole world. well, i get on the scale to see how much i gained and remember, i have this 146.4 barrier. 146.... hmmmm interesting. i'll take it though! i also woke up to a clean room! guess i forgot i spent all night cleaning it yesterday. i slept in (yes 6 am is sleeping in) and woke up smelling like tanning lotion, perfect temp and listening to the birds outside my window. almost perfect! give it a year and it will definitely be perfect. yesterday i was missing my cam so so much, and last night i had a dream about going to pick him up from the airport...i can do it! 199! thats all i have left. i feel like this will be such a better day.

here's to eating good, clean clothes and a smile for the day :)

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