Monday, April 16, 2012

baby week

well this is the week! a week for change. jamie is having her baby on wednesday. a new baby in the family, it just doesn't get better than that. cameron is finally getting transferred to kingsville. i can tell he is excited for his "baby" and i quote, "im dialated to about a 8 haha cause out on the mission we say we are pregnant and we are going to have a baby.... its gonna be so fun and me and Jamie are having babies at the same time!" im sorry honey, but that is just a little weird haha. its fine. with all this baby stuff going on i may have become a bit more baby hungry. which is okay, until i made the huge mistake of telling cam that. he wants a baby so bad. we would have a honeymoon baby if he had it his way. so when i said that, he about went through the roof. sorry to get your hopes up baby, but its NOT happening for a while! anyways, my change for the week is that i am actually going to lose weight! the past few weeks i have just sucked haha so i think its time to get back into my good eating and working out and dropping the pounds. it will be a good week though and email day was just the thing to start the wonderful week off! :)

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