Thursday, April 19, 2012

sarah ella :)

This would be my beautiful niece Sarah Ella Tomlinson. Born April 18, 2012 7 lbs. 11.5 oz and 19 inches. This little angel is PERFECT. I adore her more than I probably should. She is the sweetest little thing. She hardly cries and is just peaceful. I was able to hold her for a long time yesterday while Jamie and Clint took naps. I also got to change her first diaper, I realize that might be a little weird, but I loved it! She sneezes a lot and it has to be the cutest thing ever. Mom and baby are doing so well and there have been no complications, except for maybe Jamie being completely out of it yesterday. But that was beyond her control haha and entertainment for us. What a blessing to our whole family. 

I wish Cam could have been here, we all do. I would not have been able to get him out of the hospital, let alone take her out of his hands. I can not wait till he gets to meet her. He just loves babies and kids, and it is probably best he isn't here, because we both are already TOO baby hungry for our own goods. I can't wait to get his reaction from the pictures and videos I will send to him though. 

I love Babies, and I have the cutest nieces and nephews. Don't even try to fight me on that, I will destroy you :)

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