Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas was absolutely wonderful this year! Best one yet! :) But what can be better when you have the best family and every reason in the world to be happy?
Here are a few of the 2011 Christmas highlights:
You can't have Christmas Eve without new Christmas Jammies! I love how my parents always try to convince us that we are getting something different every year. But yes, the comfy jammies :) Pretty sure mine beat everyone by a long shot! Most comfortable PJ's ever! And Tazz sporting the Jordan wear.

Christmas morning! 6AM! Yes, our parents still love us! We both couldn't sleep the entire night. Me and Tazz have this tradition where every Christmas Eve he sleeps on my floor and we never ever sleep. It's Christmas and just happens that way.
We set our alarms and don't get out of bed until they ring. Then I leave the waking up the parents to him. Then we sit on the top of the stairs and wait till they get all ready and it usually takes them forever while we are inching our way down the stairs. Then mom goes to see if Santa came, lets us know he did and then we run down the stairs.
I love it!
Tazz looks so awake!

This is Tazz, Christmas morning, with his TSwift poster on his door. He loves her.

All our presents under the tree!!

Mom and Dad got me a nook!! Woot Woot so wonderful! I can't wait to start reading on it. What can I say? I am a true electronic Junky. Call me nerd, it's fine.

Tazz loved his new amazing outfielder's glove! It was so nice!

You all should have seen him freak out when he saw these!! Him and his fashion obsession when it comes to baseball is a little weird. But he loved them and was wearing them most of the morning!

Me and Mom's Nooks we got each other! She was so surprised and I love mine! Mine is the Color and hers is the Tablet.

Cinnamon Rolls and Hamburger Patties for Christmas breakfast every year!!! Yes, I know it sounds so weird! But so freaking good. And since all my family and friends like to tell my secret anyways... here it is... I do in fact eat my cinnamon rolls with ketchup. I love it. Don't judge! haha. I found out where this tradition came from this year.
My dad loves cinnamon rolls and long before my existence he went through a hamburger phase where he just wanted them all the time for everything. So my mom made him a hamburger patty to go with his cinnamon roll. Then my dad couldn't have all the cholesterol as often as he was eating that combination so it became the Christmas specialty.
What a great tradition from my typical father haha.

My wonderful quesadilla maker from the best little brother ever! Gosh I am addicted to these things and so for lunch we tried it out and oh my gosh so amazing!!! I am in love/addicted! haha.

After opening presents and a fast breakfast we went over to Kellie's house to watch her open her big "surprise!" So exciting. I still remember how it was when we surprised mom with her car and this was just like it! She had no clue that mom and Sterling had gotten her the Camera of her dreams! She opened the boxes as we all were so excited and recording. Then she saw it! She started crying as she slowly peeled back the rest of the wrapping paper. She couldn't believe it! What a memorable moment. "I never thought I would own one of these" she said. She finally put the box down and gave Sterling the biggest hug. Everyone bawling! She was basically hyperventilating. But it was so great to be there and watch. A small video may be coming up soon.

We all went to church and that was great to just be there on the Lord's day! And I wore my cute new ruffle skirt that I love so much! Such a great day at church with the family!

When we got home we made pumpkin pies and I made oreo truffles for Cody. Oh and making quesadillas of course! :)

I decided to wear my Pancho that Cam sent me!! Gosh I love that thing hahaha It was on my Christmas List I sent him. We went over to Clint and Jamie's house for dinner with everyone.

Note: Misty and Scott were not there because his dad isn't doing too well so they went to Oregon, but we missed them so much and I hope they had a wonderful Christmas!!

Anyways... Dinner was amazing as always! Chicken Cordon Bleu this time! And I of course stuffed my face full!!! hahaha it was wonderful! :) The highlight of dinner has to be when Grandma accidently swore haha we all couldn't stop laughing! I was able to watch everyone open their presents before I had to head off to Cameron's house! It was so great to be with the family!!

The end of Christmas day was absolutely amazing! I will save that for the next post though... Stay tuned. :)

All in all this was the most amazing Christmas I've had yet!!
I am so extremely blessed to have the friends and family that I have and my knowledge of the Savior and his love for me!


Suzette Rovelsky said...

You know what I love? I love your consistency with blogging! I love that you let us into your world. And share pictures and such. I really enjoy reading your blog. :) P.S. I'm kinda crushing on a boy on his mission. I immediately thought of you. How in the WORLD do you do it?!

Kiley said...

And guess what?!?! Cam will be here for Christmas next year!!! :) :)