Monday, December 19, 2011

reduced blogging what?

i know its weird for me too that i haven't blogged everyday, four times a day. so lets play a little catch up shall we? be prepared for an enormous post. ready go.

hmmm where to begin, oh okay how about the wisdom being taken from me? so my dad so kindly drives me to the oral surgery place and i have trying not to freak out. i've done this before, no big deal right? yep, totally freaking out inside. we get there and i pay my whopping $80 (all praise smilereminder) and sit. not for long though. i am called back and lead to the room where i am bound to die it feels like. they sit me down and i remind them that they are not putting me under and they just stare at me in awe. i know im crazy get over it. then i sit and wait for like fifteen minutes for the doc to come in. im already freaking out and they make me wait, geez. so he asks me over and over if i am sure i don't want to be put out. yes, now numb me up and get these things out. so the numbing process begins. i am used to the shots because i have had so many in my life, but he gets to the third shot, "oops that was a vein, you okay?" yes, a vein. it hurt bad! but i was fine. except for then my mind started running. "what if the numbing stuff goes through my system and to my heart? what if my heart gets numb? will it stop beating? how do you un numb me once my whole entire body is numb because you hit my vein? im going to die right here in this room." my thoughts exactly. after six shots i get to wait again until half of my head is numb. finally he comes in to take the dang things out! it took longer than the first two but i just was happy to be almost done! the bottom one though he had to drill into, which was not fun, it didn't hurt but just was loud in my head. and then i was done! ta da! thank the mountains! after the shoved me full of gauze, we headed straight to the redbox and got great movies and for the next week i indulged in soup and frostys. so glad to be done with that!

so now i am this poofy half chipmunk and we are having a family party and going to temple square. i was a butt head not going to lie, but i just was an unhappy chipmunk to say the least, but its all good.

work was a killer last week! South Texas Dental signed on and so I trained them all week with sore mouth. they were all great though and it made the week go by fast.

saturday i went on a date. yes, a date. no, nothing like the summer! it was more of like a hang out. my friend jessie asked me if i would ask a boy so that we could go on a double date. i couldn't turn her down. i asked my friend barrett who is just such a good friend. both us girls don't date or want to date at all so we tried to make it as informal as possible. it was more of like a hang out. we went up to temple square and looked at the lights and had hot chocolate and then we made cookies back at her house. it was a really good night and so much fun just to be with friends! nothing was awkward and the whole evening was simply non-threatening. just all great!

i have had some great times and many more to come. here comes the blogging, stay tuned.

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