Wednesday, October 26, 2011

time to let go.

too long i have held on to someday, what if, tomorrow and i wish. today i let go of every fear and weakness. my slate is clean. i am officially taking the biggest loser challenge. any who would like to join me, the journey starts right now. so far it's me and cam. here is our before picture.
and to make this biggest loser official:
Cam, the next time you see me... I will be healthy, accomplished, skinny and happy!


Jamie said...

Holy Crap! I can't believe how different Cam looks! As for you...you always look great! I must say though...I did see new ambition in your eyes today! You will do great things! I believe in you :)

Batash said...

I'll join I'll join!

.just sky. said...

I am debating if I will start a new blog or just a new page for this but I will definitely post it when I figure it out!

Kiley said...

Like-if there was a like button, I would push it. But I guess a sweet comment from me will have to suffice. I like this drive, I like this post, I like your thoughts and ambitions, but most of all, I like YOU! :) miss you and YOU CAN DO IT!