Monday, August 29, 2011

he's cute and im excited.

although i know you are waiting for a big story about why he's cute and im excited goes together, im sorry they don't. but are two wonderful things that are included in my last monday of august.

if you blog stalk me much, you will already know that i think my cam is cute and you would agree. if not, let me show/tell you just a small tidbit of his uttermost cuteness. today is monday. email day. one of the best days of the week in my opinion. this may be slightly biased but i can handle that. so as i sit at work i wait for the number one in parethases to appear on my personal gmail account, notifying me of a new email from my sweetheart. because of how busy i rapidly became i was notified by skype, user: noelle, that emails were here. i always get my email first and i had actually gotten it about twenty five minutes earlier. i read through it. he is so happy and makes me smile with every word. i finished and closed my email. ten minutes later, in the corner of my computer it tells me i have another email from my cam. huh? i thought it was the computer being dumb and just notifying again. i was wrong. after writing his mom, cam spend just one more minute to send me a second email. content: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (including the lyrics to the courus of one of our songs). yep, he's cute. i really like him a lot. okay... LOVE him a lot.

today seems to be the buzz of the facebook and possibly college blogging world, seeing as it is, for the most part, the first day of college classes. i am included in the vast amount of students packing new books, binders and red pens. nerves going all different directions. to be honest, IM EXCITED! weird i know and it might wear off in a few weeks but for right now i am ready to just get going on it all and also get it all done. i can't wait to be on byu campus again as well. i have missed the place. i will keep you posted on how it goes. yay learning.

really the thing that i am really nervous about today is my first webinar. i will be training 20 offices at the same time. quite nerve recking. wish me luck and hopefully i don't kill this too bad!

overall... happy monday everyone!

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