Saturday, August 27, 2011

it all just keeps looking up from here.

First I need to say happy 15th monthiversary to my amazing sweetheart Cameron James Hunt! He is my best friend and we have been through more than a couple should have to go through but have always come out on top and stronger than before. This man is simply amazing and I am beyond blessed to have him be such a happy and wonderful part of my life. He is the only one who really gets me, who really knows everything about me. All of my secrets and fears, loves and dislikes. He knows them all and this journey we are on gets more amazing as the days pass. He believes in me and I believe in him and will support him every day for the rest of my life! Yes we are apart physically and we still have quite a bit to go, but we are never apart spiritually and I still feel him with me when I need his loving arms around me and I can almost hear his voice as I read his letters. Today's letter could not have been more perfect, as he is perfect to me! I love this man with all my heart and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

I apologize if I may have just grossed you out, but we love each other and nothing will stop us from telling the world that.

Today was a really good day not only because it was me and Cam's monthiversary, but also I got many things done and stayed focused for the most part. Before I tell you about my day I would like to tell you about my night last night!

It began with watching Cam's SD card which I loved as usual! Then I went to the PG football game with Cam's family. Mom was supposed to come but she was really tired and had a wedding to go to. We all sat enjoying the game, but not the humid weather. We all were a hot sticky mess. We won the football game 13-0, it was a pretty good game. Then I was hungry so we all decided to take a trip to the Del Taco where all T, Cody, Noelle and Cory did was make fun of me and my Ketchup fetish. They all just need to get over it and accept the ketchup and me for who we are. Then back to Cam's. Noelle showed me the blanket that she made for chad to see if I thought it was big enough for Cam... Um huge! I laid on his California King and snuggled up in the blanket. Perfect. She is making us one as well so we were talking about what color of tricot I wanted and that Cam would like. It was nice to be in his room again. That was pretty much the night.

This morning started out as an adventure. We only had so much time to run to Walmart and Gandolfos, me and Tazz that is, so I decided that I trusted him enough to drop me off at Walmart, take my car to get Gandis and then come back to pick me up. Well, you see my car has a push start so you just have to have the key in range to start the car. Well when he dropped me off I didn't even think about it and then I get a phone call from Tazz letting me know that he couldn't start the car because I had the key... blonde moment. So then I have to have mom pick me up and take me to my car. Yeah she wasn't too happy.

We then went to Lily's soccer game. She did so good! Then back home to clean the garage, gut my room, pick up Costa for dinner, Organize Cam's letters and watch a chick flick. I did good right?! My eating was a bit off today but hey, it was my monthiversary! I can eat what I want... sort of haha. It was an overall good day and I am tired and ready for bed!

P.S. This week is September! Can you believe it?! Time is flying! :) Who is complaining though right?

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