Wednesday, August 1, 2012

school schmool

ugh! so saying that my application process to uvu was difficult is a total understatement. it has been awful. grrrrrrrr. let me explain.

july 21st i filled out my application as a re-apply because i had already submitted all information i needed before and got accepted two years prior. after submitting, they tell you they will send you an email that day with your uvlink and then your acceptance letter within two days. 5 days passed and still nothing. i just gave uvu the benefit of the doubt.. thinking that their system was just bombarded and that it would come. i also thought i could be retarded and didn't do something... like hit the submit button so i filled out another application and submitted it. the next day i left for the hunt reunion and had no service for 2 and a half days. i was sure that my acceptance would come when i got home. nothing. so i search uvu's website to try and find the status of my application and i swear it took me like an hour! but indeed i finally found it. wouldn't you know... they changed my application to a transfer student, and i was now required to submit all paperwork again (transcripts and test scores). Keep in mind, the application is due in three days now. i call pg and it is closed. i order my byu transcript and that was fine. then i go to send my ACT scores and not only do i find out they won't be there for like a week... but my math score is expired! that was it. i was done. i decided i am not going to school this semester haha i then go babysit for angela and she tells me to not be dumb and just do it and work hard to get accepted. blast.

it is now tuesday... the day before everything is due and i have a positive attitude and i am going to get this done, no matter how many tests i have to take. i call in the morning to see if my college credit will take place of my ACT scores and the girl doesn't tell me anything beneficial at all. ugh. so i decide to take a half day of work and head to the highschool to pick up my transcript and take it down myself. come to find out all of my test scores are on that transcript! woohoo! i take it down and give it to the lady and was like "just tell me what i need to do to finish this." i was just about done. she put everything in and then asked if i knew my math score was expired. yes i know. then she tells me i am done and good to go. i ask her over and over, are you sure i don't need to take any tests or do anything else and she just said no. then i tell her that i was so worried because i wasn't getting any emails...... crickets. she just starred at me like she wanted me to figure it out. well okay see ya! haha she tells me that i will get my acceptance email around 5 and then i can meet with my counselor and register for classes. finally i was done. so i thought....no email came. that was until at 10:57 when an email came saying that i had an incomplete application because i needed a math ACT score! ARG!!!!!!!!!!! I was so mad! so now i can't sleep because i think that i am going to be the only person who can't freaking get into UVU! so i call this morning all flustered and she takes a minute to look things over and she was like, no you are good. i show you are accepted now just meet with the counselor and you can register. i made sure i didn't need to get an acceptance email and she told me i was accepted. so i am now saying it is official.

GOSH BLAST!! could that have been any more complicated??? Someone obviously didn't want me to go to school. well sorry... i am now!

oh and.... just to add to all of this. while i was in the office on tuesday everyone in there was talking about all this residency stuff and i had no idea what it was or if it was something i forgot. so of course i ask if i need to do any residency stuff and she looked at the computer and looked at me with a are-you-blonde face and was like "nope, it looks like you have lived in utah your whole life." yep see ya, i booked it out the door! it's all for experience right??

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