Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dr. Ortho

On tuesday i had an ortho appointment. you all know how much i sincerely love those! i get to see the two cutest girls in the world and they get to get all giddy with me about cam coming home. i love it so much :) i show up at the office at 4:30 for my appointment. we sat and talked about everything that was going on in life and all the happy times :) but doc wasn't coming in. we didn't really notice because we were off in fairytale land... for an hour. it is now 5:30 and we don't even notice an hour has gone by. doc's brother calls one of the girls into another room and she comes back, face red. he left. doc left to go home and eat dinner with the family haha. he forgot about me! i thought it was so funny! everyone kept apologizing but i really did not care, we got my adjustment done without him anyways so we are good! they asked me to go back yesterday, so i did and gave him the hardest time. he is great though and i only have good things to say about him. it was so funny though!

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