Tuesday, July 31, 2012


sometimes i do things that make me feel accomplished. things such as going to the temple, painting my nails, thinking about cleaning my room and wearing my bands that fix my jaw/bite. but today i may have done something uber accomplishing. and this may be the secret i have been waiting to reveal...

i am going back to school!

i know. i swore i wouldn't go back, but thanks to the man upstairs for putting it in my patriarchal blessing and sisters who constantly nag on me... i am officially a uvu wolverine. as much as i had a love for byu and the people there... it is an event in the past that will never be revisited and for that, i am calm. it is by miracle that i am even going to school this upcoming fall semester. who would have thought all of the signs would come at once, two weeks before the deadline and i would have everything completed by the day before? not me! it almost didn't happen, but the lord does work in mysterious ways and by that i mean through little Ambry.

what will i be studying? good question! at byu i was in the Family Studies program and i loved it. of course i assumed it was only a degree offered at byu because... well its byu. fortunately i was wrong. they have a behavioral science degree with an emphasis on family studies at uvu. i told you. MIRACLES. i meet with my adviser next tuesday and i will then be all registered and ready to go.

things i have learned about this experience?

  • don't ignore things in your patriarchal blessing
  • put your big girl panties on and just do it
  • don't be scared of student loans
  • pray and go to the temple
  • don't be dumb like me and get your education

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