Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spoiled little boy

yes there are only four more months left. i still remember the day i said goodbye! i can't believe how fast it is going....

but there are still some days that feel like forever or a week that just will not end.
cam knows how i feel, and sometimes it can be hard.
he is so focused on the work and what he is doing, but inside, we are both just wanting to be in each other's arms. lets face it.

we miss each other!

But we are so close and we can't let it get to us so I sent cam two huge packages this week with tons of memories to go with the things I put inside. I know it will make him so happy and he just needed the little bit of happiness to keep him going till the end! I can't wait to hear about what he thought!

the things i do for this boy. :)

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Jamie said...

I am soooo laughing about the popcorn right now!!! What a treasured memory!