Monday, July 9, 2012


allow me to boast just a tad bit. warning: this is yet another post about love. read with caution.

this man right here...

is the definition of perfection. why? well... let me just list a few things for you.

  • he has this giggle that is contagious and is basically the cutest thing ever.
  • he knows me in a way that no one ever could. he knows everything about me and still loves me anyways.
  • he knows how i work. i am such a different person when it comes to my thoughts and actions. he is the only one who has figured me out without asking and knows how to handle me so that im always happy.
  • he just wants to be happy and have fun. no need to have any drama.
  • he is the perfect best friend. always there, an amazing listener, tells me when im being dumb, laughs at my dumb jokes, knows all my favorite things and never leaves my side.
  • he loves the Lord more than anything, including me. 
  • he has the most amazing testimony and is firm in his faith and beliefs. not to mention such an amazing missionary.
  • even though he is miles and miles away, he can still make me happy and feel his love in every single letter he writes.
  • he never gives up on anything.
  • he is always positive and happy in any situation. 
  • he is big and strong and unbelievably handsome..mmm!
he is mine and i am his and we are in love :) 125 more days till i have this man back in my arms! i simply cannot wait.

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