Monday, April 9, 2012

he's happy :)

today is email day and my cam is the cutest little thing ever :) he was so happy today and i couldn't help but share. let me tell you, he sings when he is happy. it's possibly my favorite :)

well i have a little extra time right now hahahah... so i thought i would sing to you cause i know well i hope you like it!!!! :))))) "and i miss the sound of your voice.... and i miss the rush of your skin.... and i miss the sound of the silence as you breathe out, i breathe in, if i could walk on water if i could tell you whats next.... make you bielieve make you forget... so come on get higher loosin my lips faith and desire by the swing of your hips just hold me down hard... and DROWN ME IN LOVE" ahhaha i love that song baby it reminds me of you... 

there was my sky in town.... she thought she had me all figured out... well i may state something rash..... oh she has the most amazing..... hmmm... smile hahah i bet she didn't expect this... she made me change my ways.... with eyes like a sunset baby.... and legs that went on for days....... im falling in love but its falling apart i need to find my way back to the start when we were in love things are better than they were let me back into your arms!!!! 

and in your wedding dress to have and to hold!!!!! i got my toes in the water toes in the sand not a worry in the world i got sky in my lap life was good today life was good today hahahh!!!!! i love you baby!!!! :))))

he is way too cute :) 

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