Tuesday, January 17, 2012


today is email day of course.
so i wait for cam's email to come through and let him know i am online.
i wait a while, knowing that he is writing my big email.
then this comes through:
"we still gonna get married?"
i sat staring at the screen like... what?
i emailed him back and said yes of course and asked what he was thinking about.
he emailed back and just said he wanted to hear it because he hadn't in a while.
silly man.
i sure do love him :)
he said a lot of the things i needed to hear today.

and i know that what i am doing is right and that he wants me to have fun and be happy. it will be hard going and making all of these memories, but they are ones i need to make for myself so when he gets home and we sit together and go over memories for the last two years, im not sitting there with nothing to say. this life that i am living is a good one and is about to get better.

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