Sunday, January 8, 2012

life as we know it.

wow, yes it has been a record time since I blogged so many updates coming your way this instant.

one. the hair. so it didn't turn out exactly like the picture... well nothing like it actually. we didn't realize how light my hair was at the beginning so we decided not to put any dark in it and in the end it became basically all blonde with a few caramel pieces on the top. but i absolutely love it. my mom is right, i am a true blondie. and i am loving having my blonde hair back. it suits me. note to self and all readers: if i ever, EVER have the desire to die my hair dark again. do not allow me to do so. i always just spend the time and hair particles dying it back blonde so lets just learn now and keep moving forward with the blonde hair on my head.

two. i will not share many details but this must be written for history, never give returned missionaries the benefit of the doubt if they continue being weird after the first week. if that seems to be the case, it is most likely that is how they will stay. i know this first hand and after such a horrible experience i will not being hanging out with such RM, or any other of Cam's mission friends from now on. its all just better that way.

three. new years resolutions. this year i am finding a lot more motivation than most, possibly because I don't have a choice! there are things that need to get done and oh trust me, they will get done. slowly but surely. i will say that i did not eat my best today, but tomorrow is definitely a new day.

four. i love this man. and he is wonderful. and we love each other. no new news there.

five. last night was amazing in a sense. my family is simply incredible. staying up till around 2 in the morning reading scriptures and just being happy and feeling the spirit. nothing is better than that! I am so grateful for the relationship i have with my brother, the sweet spirit my mom has and the way my daddy honors his priesthood. i have the dream family and i am so proud!

six. i bought a tennis raquet. yes, i realize it is january, but do you see any snow? nope, okay so we are still good. I am so excited to start using it! I also want to try a few other things like rock climbing and overcoming my fears. just have to schedule everything in!

seven. so there is this goal that i am going to stick to. that is doing something every night and not just sitting on the couch or reading. this is going to make time fly just so much faster! yay for planners haha.

eight. i get braces this week. thursday to be exact.... i am so freaking excited!!! i just want it to be tomorrow haha i really just can't wait!! ah! haha i know i am weird but the sooner i get them, the sooner i get them off!!! woot!

well that is all i can think of right now. i promise better blogging from now on!

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