Tuesday, January 10, 2012

reasons why it should be summer.

Can it be May yet?

I am having serious summer withdrawals! And maybe I wouldn't be having such withdrawals if this was a real winter. but it's not, and I am already sick of the cold weather so can it just be summer?

Reason why I am dying for late Spring/Summer:

the cold weather just makes me want to wear sweats, curl up in a blanket and sleep all day and night long.
you can actually play sports outside
like tennis
and you can run without feeling like someone took a bat to your lungs
Spring ball, my favorite.
Hiking in our beautiful mountains, because I am not a snow sports kinda girl.
Swimming and tanning without both being indoor
Fruit stands... oh how I love thee!
Watermelon and Cantaloupe are in season
You can wear as little layers as possible
Sandals with cute painted toesies
more daylight

Basically it is all just wonderful...
and this so called "winter" is definitely not.

Mother Nature,
You have my permission to start Spring early this year. Thank you.

Who wants to take a trip to a beach this summer?? Me! Okay lets go!

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