Friday, January 20, 2012

Heavenly Father loves me.

I left work five minutes early because I had to go grocery shopping and get dinner ready for when Tazz gets home from the Temple. I hit the freeway and was on my way home pretty fast because there wasn't too much traffic. I usually take the PG exit but for some reason I didn't get over to the lane to exit. I could have but didn't so I missed it. I would just get off the Lindon exit now. Once I passed the PG exit the traffic slowed way down. I saw the police cars race past and thought I would be stuck forever. It moved slowly, but kept moving. I finally got to the exit, after really only about three minutes, where there was no crash, nothing holding up traffic and it was now moving smoothly. Dumb. So I get off the exit and it is heavy traffic on the streets so it still takes me a while to get through. I could have taken a back road that would have been faster, but I decided not to and made it up to the intersection by Albertsons. I turned onto State Street and then made it home. Gosh that took forever. I went inside and grabbed some money, checked the mail and headed back to state street to go to Albertsons. I reached the intersection by Kneaders and noticed the police men directing traffic. I looked towards Albertsons and there had to be about 6 Ambulances, firetrucks and a billion police cars. They were shutting down half of state street too. It looked bad but I really couldn't see all that was happening....

Thats when it hit me. If I had taken the PG exit or the back roads, possibly just used my card instead of getting money, or even not checked the mail, I would have been right in the middle of what had happened. I missed it by a matter of minutes. The Lord is really looking out for me and my family. It was even better that I knew my parents were safe, Tazz was safe at the Temple and non of my loved ones would have been in the area.

That moment when you could have gotten off the correct exit but didn't because you had a simple thought not to.... that is feeling the spirit.

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