Saturday, January 21, 2012

Name change

Yes I did change the name of the blog quite dramatically but this change didnt come from my apparent ADD. It actually had thought involved. The previous title "me and him", all though I talk about me and cam all the time, didn't fit my blog at all. This is my story right now. And once can is back then the me and him blog will be reborn, but for now this is my story of life.

So why "sky's blue"? Extended this would read "sky is blue." this phrase does have the meaning of sky, being me, is blue, meaning sad. Although grammatically correct, it is the complete opposite. It is the literal meaning that the sky is blue. I love this because when I think about the blue sky I think about happiness, a warm summer day, vacations with the family, the mountains and all that is beautiful that our father in heaven has created. More fitting right? :)

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