Sunday, December 4, 2011

what have i been up to?

no blogging for two full days?
this is unheard of!
but true.
Friday was filled with a whole lot of nothing,
except for the fact that we got Cam's SD card. That makes each day a fantastic day!
He is doing great and is just as cute as ever! He sings in this one and i adore it much.
then I managed to fall asleep at 8:30... yes i am 90 years old.
I woke up at 3:45 which is no shocker and thought of the Christmas presents I still needed to get.
Might I say that I had some genious ideas and have pretty much all my christmas shopping done! woot woot!
I also picked out a dashing outfit for Tazz for Preference... I rule.
yeah yeah!!
Little Sarah Ella...
so adorable! :)
I love babies!
I tried to eat healthy yesterday... until about 9 AM when my mom had me and Tazz pick up 6 dozen daylight dougnuts...
that was the end of that.
dane it
I made it to Tazz's first Jr. Jazz game and laughed my head off at the ridiculousness.
what sillys.
I took a shower finally, now that it is around 4 pm.
Side Note: I just got the Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner and am loving it!!
i then was supposed to go babysit my cute kate and jake, but was not needed in the end,
and was entertained by kellie as she tried to put in a car seat, talked to jake like he was a dog and scarfed down the destroyed chocolate cake sitting on the counter with me.
it was as if she had never had kids! 
pretty funny stuff!
then home where i endulged in some brick oven and fell asleep on the couch at about 8 pm.
i now know why i do not have friends,
i go to sleep at 8 and wake up at 3...
pretty sure no one else would be up to doing that with me haha
crazy story though!!
so i finally walked up to my bed around 9:30ish and went to sleep.
i had this really scary/disturbing dream and finally woke up from it! gahh!
so then i hear noises coming from outside my door and i think "alright my dream is coming true and they are going to take me away"
oh but then i grab my phone ready to call 911 and see that it is only 11pm!!!
its my parents getting ready for bed.
then this morning i wake up with lots of energy and decided to go workout,
might i say that you shouldn't work out on fast sunday... not the best thing haha
so i start out with the bike and feel all determined. 
then after 6.26 minutes,
im bored.
so what do i do?
turn on some just dance.
and this is what we end up with....
yes that is a drawn on mustache.
and hair on the top of my head.
and i did sing.
and that is all i will disclose.
i feel like today will be a good day :)
i apologize for such a long post.
more to come later!

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