Thursday, December 1, 2011

dirty blonde?

i am only sharing this because it seriously is another piece of evidence that proves why i had to take american heritage twice last year.

so as i sit at my desk, contemplating the trip that me and cam are going to take when he gets home to Washington i think about how in my letter cam asks if we are going to drive or fly there. when i read that i thought he was insane because we are not driving that far! it would be like a 4 day trip for sure! so i write him back and tell him he is crazy and we will just find cheap flights. also while i am sitting here i am trying to call of one of Noelle's offices that is in Washington and i can't get a hold of them. i then think to myself, oh they are eastern time zone so they have already gone home! i push away from my desk and gaze at the pictures hanging on my buliton board. next to the pictures i have a map of the U.S.A. i look over to the eastern side because i have no idea where washington is located among all the other states i had no idea were position such on the map, and wanted to know where we were going. to my surprise, i can't find "WA" anywhere. i probably searched for a good three minutes. then it came to my attention, after frantically looking over the entire map, that washington was indeed on the west coast. hmmm... who would have thought it would be there! definitely not me. and yes, i do know the difference between the state "Washington" and Washington D.C. there is a reason why i don't like history... it's because i don't like geography and therefore not knowing where places are makes it hard to understand all that happened there in history. so looks like we can drive the 12 hours there after all!

10 points to sky!

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