Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome Home Elder Dawe!

going to see Park come home at the airport was such an amazing experience and i am so glad that i went. that day was so hard for me for some reason, but the airport made everything better!

we got there really early and watched two missionaries come off the planes and into their mother's arms. what a sweet moment that is for everyone, even those creepers like me watching the entire thing happen. the things they talk about and the looks they give each other are so sweet and funny at times. as we watched all i could think of was Park coming home, i felt like he had just barely left! i still remember taking pictures out on his porch and saying goodbye, now he was coming home!! i was in charge of the picture taking, and let me tell ya, i did pretty good... maybe too good haha 387 pictures to be exact. but every moment was priceless. and its a good thing i was there too because Marlo and Ian had forgotten all cameras! everone waited in a line for the missionaries to come out. as he turned the corner my hands started to shake and everyone cheered. it was amazing! it was such a sweet moment as Marlo ran out to hug him. it still makes me cry just thinking about it and how happy they were. of course he hugged everyone and there were so many people and family there to greet him! the moment when he finally recognized me was so funny! he couldn't believe it was me and said he couldn't recognize me at first. he came over and didn't know what to do, but in the end gave me a hug. we talked for a few seconds and i was just so excited that i gave him another hug haha it was quite funny. i love that guy and i am so excited to tell Cam all about it! i just took pictures while the family all gathered around him. what a great reunion for everyone!

Welcome Home Elder Parker Dawe!
We love you!

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