Friday, December 16, 2011

butterflies or knives?

they say that once you pass your year mark time flies so fast. and it has. i can't even believe that in two weeks we will be seeing a whole new year...

but somedays it feels like he's never coming home.
here comes a moment of honesty.

i miss him.
and each day that i know is closer to him getting home,
the more anxious and impatient i get.
this love story i have chosen is not an easy one at all.
and i will never give up,
just sometimes it just sucks.

today my mind is going a million miles a minute.
parker is coming home
and going to the airport to see him is not going to make any of this easier.
im trying to shut my brain off and just not think.
but its so hard.
i miss him.
i want him home.
i want time to go by just a bit faster.
and it will


pictures to be posted tonight.

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