Tuesday, November 15, 2011


today i have a doctor's appointment. something i don't usually have planned. i finally get to figure out all of my problems, and according to noelle's list, i have a few. nothing serious. just a simple physical. no big deal right?


i have major anxiety when it comes to doctors, doctor's offices, hospitals and really anything medical/dental. i know that all these things are good, and they will help me in some way or another, but it is simply a major fear of mine. i tend to get very nervous so my heartbeat is crazy, and i talk... a lot. i have the jib jabs when i am nervous. i should just let them know so they can tell me to shut up, but you might need anesthesia for that... which is my absolute worst nightmare!

it will be nice to get some answers to my small problems... but what about my big ones? what about my anxiety, or my addiction to quesidillas, or even a fix for my lack of focus for the next 364 days? i think we need to get the priorities straight.

this will be good. it will. and i will show up and make it through the entire appointment. i will get over this... someday. baby steps.

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