Wednesday, November 16, 2011

because i update to often.

life feels like it is speeding by sometimes. and im pretty okay with that as of this moment. i have been just so busy and it has been great!

so maybe my family loves football and we got to football games. even when it is freezing. its all good.

last night was fun. we went to cafe rio for dinner, bet you couldn't guess what i had.... hey, at least it was a small quesidilla. then off to the byu basketball game where i was able to score front row tickets, thanks to my favorite daddy ever.
this was cole excited to be at the game..

and this is us being really excited!

i ended up failing at trying to make him sing the BYU fight song, but he will sometime! Next game: Saturday at 8:15 pm in the freezing cold....yep.

Oh an I can't wait for tomorrow!! BREAKING DAWN girls night!! woot woot!! I am so excited! Pictures and response to come!

p.s. 362 days!! :)

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Kiley said...

are you going to the theater that's having a marathon?!?! well, probably not, cuz you work. lol. but yeah. jealous either way my dear! ;) p.s. I MISS YOU!