Monday, October 17, 2011

what a lovely day.

am i in love?
does he make me giddy?
do i smile ear to ear when we talk/write?
can you tell i am happy and in love when i am email chatting with him?

so not only am i wearing my new favorite boots, a cute shirt, wonderful earings and am having a wonderful day, i was graced with the cutest emails from the boyfriend for a good fourty five minutes. he is simply adorable! let me share some tidbits...

bf: honey where was my letter last week?? i didn't get anything!!!!! not even i love you?!!! your in trouble stinter!!! :))
me: I sent it! And I even shipped it priority so that it would get there on my birthday so you could read it on my birthday!! Its coming I promise!! Stupid Mail! I haven't gotten your letter from last week yet either baby! I not stinter! You stinter! :)
bf: I LOVE YOU SKYLER!!!! :)))))))
me: I LOVE YOU CAMERON!!!! :) :) :) what is one thing you really want me to send you for your birthday??
bf: i could just get a letter from you and love it!!!! :))) cause you already do so much for me any way!!!!:)))) i love you
me: I want to send you something!!! I have no idea what you could use down there!!!
bf: send me you in a box and we will just run away together to jamaica or hawaii haha
me: hahaha baby!!! I am now in my twenties and you are still a teenager!!!
bf: im a cougar hunter and your a cradle robber hahah!!!!!! :))))) old waddy!!!!!
me: wittle one :) :)

its fine if you are a little queasy now from the cheesiness... i don't mind. he is cute and i love it! :)

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