Sunday, October 16, 2011

this is why i love church.

church was amazing for me today. i love how the church and the spirit works. it doesn't matter what the lesson is or who is teaching it, you can still get something personal out of it, something just for you that you need to hear. let me share with you some of my notes.

  • It is better to look up - Elder Cook.
  • Why am I giving up my future blessings for those things I don't want to do now?
  • Even though it may take more time, slow down and really learn.
  • Use a journal often, listen to the spirit and listen to personal revelation. 
  • Honesty is essential for asking things from God.
  • Prayer needs action.
  • Be real and not restrict learning.
  • It's okay if I'm not perfect, at least I'm trying.
  • The scriptures show and tell: Problem solving and revelation.
  • Things in life can be very important, but the Gospel always comes first.
I sure learned alot by the spirit today. I fell like this is going to be a great week! :)

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