Friday, October 14, 2011

a post for venting.

overbearing. stupidity. jibberjabber. technologicallyilliterate. pointless. nosenseoftime. inconsiderate. constantbattle. jealousy. rudetalk. bashing. distance. lackofdrivingskills. soremuscles. arrogance. minimalpatience. freakouts. roomuchreliance. irresponsible. computerdumb. nocommonsense. severelyindecisive. verytired. connectionproblems. lackofbestfriend. needgirlsday. justtoomuch.

i apologize for my vagueness.
i was afraid of possibly exploding from all the things bottled up.
sometimes when i blog,
i feel as if i am really talking to someone.
thank you readers.
thank goodness for tomorrow,
and the lovely day it will be.
happy friday!

1 comment:

Kiley said...

hello best friend. i feel as if we need a vent session again! guess what?!?!?! tomorrow you turn TWENTY!!!!!!!!!!!! :O