Tuesday, September 20, 2011

weirded out. 'er day

because of how awkward this post could potentially become, i will not release the name of the individual of whom i speak of, although it would be ideal to post a picture. and i would like to clarify that i am not a stalker of any type, so don't even go there.

first i would like to remind you of the face of this wonderfully handsome man that is my world. take a good look and take it in. every feature. and for those who know him personally, think of his unique traits and the "so cam" things he does.

now that you have all basked in his cuteness, i will announce... he has a twin. not actually, but there is a person who looks just like Cam. now i know there is a possibility of many people looking alike and having similar features but there is even more to this "other cam" that is enough to weird you out continually. for example: he has tan skin like cam, built like cam, hairline like cam, haircut like cam, sweaty hair like cam, talks like cam, runs with his hands slightly relaxed like cam, has a cowlick in the exact same spot as cam, height like cam (he is 2 inches shorter actually), walks like cam, plays around like cam, has a small temper like cam, plays baseball like cam, and the list goes on. weird? yes. by now you are definitely categorizing me as the stalker, creeper type. i would again like to say that i simply am just weirded out by the whole situation. and i know you all would be too!

i do need to add a little something though. he doesn't have cam's beautiful eyes. he doesn't have cam's cute smile. he doesn't have cam's adorable giggle. he doesn't love like cam does. he doesn't care like cam does. he is not cam. my cam is special and unique and he is all mine :)

its just weird. that's all.

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