Thursday, September 22, 2011

excuses excuses.

I may have a slight obsession with Dell Taco bean burritos and cheese quesidillas as of late. i have been finding every type of excuse to go and get them for the third time this week. granted it is already thursday and i did work my bum off at kickboxing. i deserve it today too. wanna know why? you see, i just happened to accept to take a call from a formerly cancelled customer and answer any questions she had about SR. an hour and a half later i am left with many questions i have to find answers to and get back to her. she was very nice and we were able to go over everything she would like to... but it was seriously draining! so therefore i think that i deserve this reward right? yes.

oh and i may have dyed my hair yesterday. it is very dark and has a small amount of red in it. i like it much. so different but ya know, if you don't change anything...nothing changes. haha or whatever!

happy thursday! :)

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