Thursday, August 4, 2011

We may have been professional

i have just gotten word of my Cam being his normal self. don't worry he hasn't changed much! But he may have put a great little hole on the top of his head breaking into his apartment. i don't really know all the details, i will probably get that in the next week or so, but this is not at all a big shocker for me. why? well when we were locked out of the house, we were successful in our own little break in. the kitchen window was cracked and a full level and a half high from the ground. Cam thrusted me up into the air so awkwardly and i was able to pull out the screen and pull open the window to crawl through. Many bruises did I receive that day. i know that Cam is going to be just fine! he is probably just laughing about it all too, especially because his partner in crime was Elder Hamren. boys will be boys and he is a tough one. i do care about him being safe and not being hurt, but I know he is definitely okay and is going to laugh about it for the rest of his life. it's not a traumatic situation, just a cameron one! :)

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Suzette Rovelsky said...

Oh, Sky. You're so cute. I wish I could be so madly in love with a fella the way you are with Cam. :)