Thursday, August 4, 2011

all by myself.

Since my Cam left I have gotten used to doing a lot of things by myself. Such things as shopping for the necessities, making food, watching movies and television shows, and many other things. Please excuse all the moments that included my mother, those moments are precious to me and fit in a whole other category named: wonderful times with my beautiful mother. So those times do not apply. But I will say I have gotten rather good at doing things all by myself. I find this only small smidget size saddening, but really good as well. Not only am I learning so much about myself and how much I leaned on Cam for love, support and trust, but I am learning to do a great deal of things and now have time to do them, if I would just step away from my blog for a second. The last few days I have been thinking about all the time I spend alone, wishing I wasn't and then realized, "Sky, you are pathetic and wasting precious time, cool it!" Sad but true! I have found so many things I want to do and I really do have the time for all of them. Im excited to begin the list. It will be posted when I have time to gather one.

Tonight, yet another night by myself at the home, no parentals or siblings, but I have a plan. First I will make a wonderful yummy dinner with some cute delicious cupcakes, catch up on some SYTYCD while painting my toenails, and possibly a workout session. A chill night, but I will have bigger and better nights to come!

P.S. I went to the temple this morning. lovely. :)

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Jamie said...

REMEMBER your alone times, cuz really...even if you don't realize it, they can be PRECIOUS! And NEVER forget...you do have a sis that only lives two blocks away and always invites you to do things...but you seem to be too BUSY at those times. So, maybe you could try something new...invite me for a change! Instead of me always inviting you ;) Love ya!