Tuesday, August 9, 2011

thoughts at night.

a reflection of my day:

Wake up wishing I didn't take the day off and wanting to go to work... yeah weird I know.
Decided to clean my bathroom instead and do some laundry.
Bought a birthday present for Mindy.
Drove to Salt Lake with Britt to take Mindy out to lunch for her birthday.
Missed the exit and almost make it to park city.
Took the next exit and had to go down this scary, dark tunnel.
Finally made it to Mindy's.
CPK for lunch.
Some shopping.
Heading back home and got lost yet again.
Ended up back in salt lake before we could return home.
Dropped Britt off and went to the mall to meet up with Tazz.
Saw some really good friends from the old AE.
Came home and did exactly what was on my list of things.
With a reward of new nail polish :)
Watched Mom try to talk rachel into letting her pull her tooth out.
Got anxiety from her screaming.
Painted my nails.
Went back downstairs after it was all finished.
said my goodnights.

It was quite a day. Still wish I could have gone to work. What can I say? I love my job! The shopping made me realize even more the weight that needs to drop off me, that will be worked on. I suck at diets and being motivated! I hope someday I will be a good mom who wont get anxiety from traumatic situations. I really struggle with that. And sick people. I can tell I am starting to get down in the dumps again. Which personally for me is a terrible thing! Good thing I have the perfect cure: scriptures, prayer, workouts, eating right, and time management. those will be implemented tomorrow. Cam is now officially in Nuevo Laredo and as scary as the place seems, I know he will be okay. It doesn't change at all the fact that I miss him like crazy. I consider it good. Just shows that I really love him. and I do. I can't wait to hear from him! As for now, sweet dreams!

PS. an apology to those who may have texted me today. I was too busy, or driving, to text! Im sorry and will catch up with you tomorrow!

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