Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am the kind of person who doesn't care what others think much. Of course I do when it matters but with just everyday life, others can say what they want and it wont effect me...

... except for one thing.

I am very self concious when I talk to people about my love for and relationship with Cameron. I know adults see me as a young, love-stuck, immature little girl when I talk about love. They assume I am stuck in a fairytale and that I have no idea what real life is. Girls my age don't understand my maturity and when I want to talk serious with them, they laugh and don't understand that I mean every word I say and that Im not just quoting some love movie. So really the only person I have to talk to about my future and what is going on right now is Cam, and I can't really talk to him about it now because I want him to be focused. Its really hard to explain to people that I am serious about all of this.

Lets talk about maturity. How many 19 year old girls do you know that:
  1. Has officially declared their major at one of the top schools.
  2. Is making 28 K a year.
  3. Has co-signed on a car and is paying $620 a month on a car payment.
  4. Pays for their own car, health and dental insurance.
  5. Pays for their own college tuition and books.
  6. Has dedicated themselves to their family, their boyfriend and the Lord.
  7. Has a plan for their future.
  8. Has a goal of finishing college within the next year and a half.
Not many right? I just ask that when I talk to you about adult things that you respect me enough to know that I am more mature than you think and know exactly what I am talking about and will stand behind anything I say. Thank you :) much love!

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