Sunday, August 14, 2011

an honest explanation

to all those cute couples out there that I stalk...
i can explain.
you see,
i will be the first to tell you that my love story is better than any ones.
that our love is stronger than anything.
that the man who holds my heart is beyond words the most amazing person to ever walk the earth.
i am without a doubt the luckiest girl in the world.
my better half is hundreds of miles away.
for a bit longer.
it is enough to feel stabbing pains in your heart every once in a while,
but never could i let go.
it's called love.
i am in love with not only my sweetheart,
but i will say,
i am in love...
with love.
so all you couples being oh so cute in your little ways.
jealousy takes over me a bit.
but it helps heal as well,
in sort of a mind game way.
as i see you all my heart reflects on past times and times to come.
then i am no longer saddened by the distance.
for this i am in deep gratitude.
so in a weird, strange, me way...
thank you beautiful couples for being in love.
stay wonderful.
a love addict.

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