Sunday, August 14, 2011

late night shout out.

i know i couldn't go to sleep without giving this quick shout out. today's goes out to a dear friend and huge example in my life.
what an amazing woman. she was my relief society president in my BYU ward. words cannot describe how wonderful she really is. i would stand in awe of her kindness and selflessness. she was constantly in the service of others and the lord. she was always so happy and i know she had trials of her own and many hardships, but she was strong for all the rest of us girls going through hard things. she is not only strong in the gospel and what she believes in but she also is an amazing athlete and dedicated to her schooling and helping others. she is a determined and dedicated woman who knows what she wants. she loves everyone for who they are and will strike up a conversation with any one. i do regret not becoming better friends with her but i will forever consider her a friend and on of my biggest role models. thank you from the bottom of my heart suzette for being you and being the example i've needed in my life. i know that you have changed not only my life but hundreds of lives. best wishes to you and your journey that is ahead of you.

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Suzette Rovelsky said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know what to say other than you left me in tears! I cannot say how much of an example you are to me. I mean, you worked, what like, 40 hours a week being a FULL-TIME student AND still finding time to fall madly in love? Whenever I feel like complaining, I think of what you went through and I think, "If Sky could make it through, then why not me?"

Thank you so much for YOUR example. I think what I love most about people, and those you've gotten to know, is that they can always change you for the better if you let them. Here's our little example of that. :)