Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the biggest loser.

motivation is a stronghold for me, and also something i really need to work on. i love shows like "the biggest loser" and reading people's life stories to not only gain motivation with them but also connect with them personally.

olivia and hannah, sisters from the last biggest loser, have inspired me in so many ways. as i read this article about their journey i instantly connected with olivia. her mind set is a lot like mine. read the interview! it is an amazing one and their story's and lives are very inspiring in every way. here are just a few quotes from their interview.
What a makeover!

"After years and years of being in the driver’s seat, I had forgotten about taking care of myself. It was too exhausting at the end of the day. Eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, was the one thing that I used to treat myself. Like if I wanted ice cream, well I’m going to have ice cream because that’s what I want. In my mind, it didn’t matter because it didn’t affect anyone else, so I could be out of control and go off plan. But in reality, I wasn’t being the best sister, wife or friend I could be because I couldn’t get this under control." -This is so me! It is good to know that someone feels the same way!

"I used to like being perfect and when I couldn’t be, and couldn’t fix something immediately, I’d get frustrated very easily. I think my past diets didn’t work for me because I’d always start and think of how far I have to go and get easily overwhelmed, so I’d quit before I’d even begun. I wasn’t allowing myself to change my thinking and believe in myself."- again... this is me!

"This time around I realized it’s all about the small goals. I learned then the power of setting small, manageable goals and making one smart choice at a time."

"I always wanted a quick fix for what I had done to my body for so many years, but I was looking at the end result instead of paying attention to the right now and what can be done today."

"When I was at the ranch, my younger brother bagged up my clothes. When I got home he told me I was never going to be that unhappy person anymore and I’d never need those clothes again, so we donated them. But I did keep a pair of jeans from when I was at my heaviest. I know it sounds funny, but I keep a pair of jeans at every point in my weight loss tacked onto my wall"

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